Dirt races analysis of winners Meydan

March 5, 2016
31 Dirt races during this year's Meydan Carnival, and if anyone is considering backing hold-up horses for World Cup night, you might like read this first! Admittedly a small sample size, but pretty clear pattern for anyone prepared to be open-minded.

These are Racing Post comments on the 31 winners this Carnival on dirt. Admittedly unlikely to be entertaining reading for non-racing anoraks, it must be said :) 

Number at end of line is draw.


Tracked leading pair, led 1f out, ran on well. 8 ran. 3
Tracked leader, led 3f out, ran on well. 13 ran      11
Soon led, kicked clear 3f out, comfortably. 9 ran  9

14 JAN
Mid division, smooth progress 2 1/2 out, ran on well. 8 ran 2
Tracked leader, smooth progress 3f out, stayed on, 8 ran.4
Tracked leader, keen, ridden 2 1/2 out led 110 yards out, just held on 8 ran 1
Tracked leader, ridden 2f out, led 1f out, ran on well. 9 ran 8
Slowly into stride, tracked leaders, led 1f out, ran on well. 10 ran 4

21 JAN 

Mid-division, chased leaders, ran on well, led final 55 yards. 8 ran 2
Mid-division chased leaders 3 /12f out, ran on comfortably. 6 ran. 4
Tracked leaders, ridden 2/12f out, ran on well, led last 55 yards. 14 ran. 8

28 JAN

Tracked leading pair, ridden 3f out, ran on, led final 110 yards. 8 ran 4
Tracked leader, ridden 3f out, led 110 yards out, ran on well. 6 ran 5
Mid division, smooth progress 3f out, led final furlong, ran on well. 9 ran 9


Tracked leaders, smooth progress 2 1/2f out, led 1 1/2 out, easily. 9 ran 5
Tracked leading pair, ridden to lead 55 yards out, kept on. 7 ran 1

11 FEB

Tracked leading pair, smooth progress 4f out, led 2 out, ran on well, easily. 5 ran 5
Slowly into stride, ridden to lead, kicked clear 2f out, stayed on 8 ran 2
Soon led, ridden clear 2f out, stayed on. 10 ran 9
Soon led, ridden 3f out, ran on well, comfortably7 ran 1

18 FEB

Slow into stride, mid division, chased leaders 1 1/2f out, ran on well. 12 ran (Hats off then to you, Maftool, the one who came from a long way back!). 1
Tracked leading duo, led 1f out, ran on well. 14 ran 3

25 FEB

Soon led, kicked clear 3f out, ran on well, easily.6 ran 4
Tracked leaders, ridden 3 1/2f out, led 1 1/2f out, ran on well, 8 ran 4
Broke awkwardly, tracked leading duo, ridden 2 1/2f out led 110 yards out, comfortably. 10 ran 5
Tracked leading duo, smooth progress 3f out, led 1 1/2f out, easily. 8 ran 1


Tracked leader, led 2 1/2 out, clear 1/2f out, coasted home. 3 ran 3


Soon led, very keen, ridden 2/12f out clear 1/12f out, easily. 5 ran 4
Soon led, kicked clear 2 1/2f out, ran on well, easily. 6 ran 1
Well away, soon led, ridden 2/12f out, ran on well, comfortably.8 ran 3
Soon led, kicked clear 2 1/2f out, ran on well, easily. 6


Draw your own conclusions, and if betting, do so accordingly! :) Thanks as always for your time :)

Natural Selection

February 29, 2016

Last week, i suggested it would be no surprise if four or five favourites won, looking at the shape of the card. Blog Nap Think Ahead was only second, but if anyone followed the suggested e/w multiples covering all seven races, they should have had a rewarding 'pick-up', with four of them winning and the other three finishing second. A rare 'full house'!  Jamesie also filled the frame at a rewarding price.

Simply cannot let the number ...
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Meydan 25/2. Looking Ahead

February 22, 2016
A near miss last week as the blog Nap, Cool Cowboy, available at 6/1 early on, was run down by a reformed (and first time gelded) Maftool in the dying strides. Ertijaal loathed the dirt, another talented horse that you hope isn't soured from the game like so many before him, for an outing on the gravel. 


It's one of those days..... Generally as a punter the biggest edge we have is that bookies have to price every race, every day, and we can cherry pick, not only which favourites to back/o...
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Meydan 18/2. Keep Cool

February 15, 2016
A woeful Thursday for the blog last week, though Marking's unfortunate accident at the start was 'one of these things'. There's just no accounting for something like that. Found myself having to bite my tongue on twitter as some usually decent judges indulged in some splendid aftertiming. :)

Some talking up the horse pre-race with the usual 'Let's Go Marking' Potential Superstar' and many such excited comments, turned post race into 'still a dodge' and the like. But well done to those who did ...
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Meydan 11/2. Marking Time

February 8, 2016
No flannel from the blog; last week was the first without a winner from the three main bets, so a disappointing effort from your's truly. Paene Magnus came within a stride of saving face among the 'other races', and the 'One for the Road' feature made it two in a row, but still a frustrating week! Do rermember as I frequently mention, to remind new and existing readers, this blog is amateur written - sometimes it shows! ;)

Guineas week this week, two small field races with very short priced fa...
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Meydan preview 4/2. Popular Poplar

February 1, 2016
Always frustrating when the headline horse goes down as last Thursday, but hopefully it didn't completely overshadow the success of the other two main bets of the week, with Anaerobio and Forries Waltz winning at nice enough prices, particularly for anyone who got on early around 9/2 and 11/2 respectively..

It's a much better card I think this week,with a particularly tasty Round Two of the Al Maktoum Challenge featuring the likes of Surfer, Special Fighter, Prayer for Relief and Faulkner,

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Meydan 29/1. Head Case

January 26, 2016
Not such a good week last week, despite a win for headline horse Safety Check. Let's Go was far from the first Charlie Appleby inmate to disappoint on the dirt, while Elleval could manage only third (though was put up each way) and the other Halford horse, Certerach, was never sighted.

Another interesting card and more competitive than last week, but very testy for punters this week, but I hope a couple of potentially decent bets along the way.


3.00 Not too often involved in the non-...
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Meydan Preview 22/1. Safety First

January 18, 2016
A 'nearly week' last week, with the blog finding the first three winners, from five, only to be let down by an appalling effort from the well backed Nap, Cat O'Mountain. Although the stable has an iffy record on the surface, no real excuse for the Cat, who has a smashing dirt pedigree. That said, pedigree is not everything, and almost any horse, including those bred for it, can be forgiven. The sooner Tapeta returns to Meydan, the better the racing will be once again. Indeed this week's disti...
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Meydan preview 15/1. Get Fat on the Cat

January 12, 2016
As in previous years, I'm doing a blog for the Meydan Carnival, start with the health warning that this is an amateur blog, and these are purely my opinions. All bets are of course your decision, but hopefully a few pointers along the way might help, even if they only encourage you to put a line through my picks. :)


5.55 Straight in with CAT O'MOUNTAIN (NAP)who gets the dreaded Nap vote for this week. A winner first time out in 2014, ending the Meydan campaign that season with a fine ...
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Golf picks 2-3 November. Lee-Way

November 3, 2015
A disappointing week last week rescued only somewhat by Freddie Couples's share of fifth place, despite a pitiful 38% driving accuracy percentage. On a more punishing course, he'd have sunk without trace. Thankfully I suggested it was a minimum stakes week, and following Smylie Kaufmann's unlikely win the previous week, Justin Thomas was not much better for punters.

This is a really bizarre week with nearly 20 events, and I've therefore divided it into two sections. The week's headline events ...
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