After the disappointment of a Nap chinned on Friday, Point of Entry was another second. Lost a couple of lengths when receiving a hefty bump early in the race (possibly from Treasure Beach), which meant it travelled two thirds of the way down the field, and beaten a staying on length at the line, it's not hard to think that made a crucial difference. Did, as I hoped, finish ahead of 3rd, 4th and 5th, the 'dangers' St Nicholas Abbey, Trailblazer and Shareta, but Little Mike (which had been 29 lengths behind the selection on a previous meeting) had got the run of the race out in front and sadly for me, wasn't for stopping.

It might be fireworks night on Monday, however the racing doesn't provide much of a precursor. It's one of these days when there are no blog bets, but hopefully will be back with something for Tuesday.

Thanks for your patience in these circumstances, hopefully catch you all, ahead of Tuesday's cards! :)